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Understanding the NDIS: how does the scheme work and am I eligible for funding?

On July 1 2016, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) moved from a trial phase to a full national roll-out. In this series on Understanding the NDIS, we explore how the scheme works, why Australia needs it and the issues to be addressed before eligible Australians, such as many Indigenous people with disability, can receive … Continue reading

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FactCheck: is Australia on track to have the oldest pension age in the developed world?

Malcolm Turnbull is … increasing the pension age to 70 – meaning that Australia will have oldest pension age in the developed world. – Jenny Macklin, shadow minister for families and social services, press release, February 6, 2017. As the government seeks to balance the budget and looks for ways to trim the social services … Continue reading

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Answering the same questions over and over: how to talk to people with dementia

If you care for or know someone with dementia, they’ve probably asked you “what are we doing today?”, “who are you?”, or “when are we going home?” And often, frustratingly, they forget the answer quickly and ask the question again … and again … and again. Anyone asked the same question over and over will … Continue reading

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More Australians can stay healthier and out of hospital – here’s how

Each year the Australian government spends at least A$1 billion on planning, coordinating and reviewing the care of people with chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, in general practice. Yet there are more than a quarter-of-a-million hospital admissions for health problems that potentially could have been prevented by better primary care for chronic … Continue reading

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Seven steps to help you choose the right home care provider

Older people needing extra help to live at home, whether that’s help with bathing, gardening, transport or physiotherapy, now have greater choice when it comes to the types of subsidized government care they receive. From today they can change the service provider that provides their home care package, meaning they can choose a provider that … Continue reading

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Australians want insurance against the burden of old age

With the cost of caring for the elderly increasing, and the population ageing, Australia needs new sources of funding for aged care. In many parts of the world some of the cost is borne by private insurance, and new research shows there is demand for this in Australia as well. There are several models of … Continue reading

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